A Broken Wing

bird joy hanford


Hank: (walking into the living room after school)

Molly: Bah Bah Ne NE! (Brother, you’re home!!!)

Hank: (stops dead in his tracks) Mama, are you okay?

Me: (remembering my arm is in a sling) Oh sure, just a broken wing. I’m fine, but I could use some help with the MaGoo, if she needs lifting or if she needs a full hug. I am only hugging at half capacity at the moment.

Hank: (sitting next to me on the couch still wearing his coat and backpack) How did you break your wing, mama?

Me: Flying, of course. How else do you break a wing? I called the fairies while Molly was with Ana this morning. I had finished my work early and needed a little mischief, so I pulled a huge favor and got them to turn me into a bird. I needed to hear what the wind sounded like soaring on high and I needed to see if the leaves at the tip-tops of trees were very different from the leaves we can see from the ground. I then asked a fellow bird if I could sit in their nest because I have always wondered if birds were comfortable or if a nest always felt like a constant stick in the back.

Hank: And?

Molly: Go Go Go (pointing at the door)?

Hank: Molly wants to go and see papa.

Me: Release the beast.

Molly: Neeee ne ne ne ne ne (Papa, you are my favorite person)

Pai: (from the kitchen) Olá caramela! (Hello caramel)

Hank: (returning to the couch) So how did you break your wing?

Me: Well, when I was journeying back a sudden storm came up and as I am not a skilled flyer…

Hank: No, mama. How did you really hurt your arm?

Me: (shoulders dropped, reality sets in) It’s my RA (rheumatoid arthritis). I’m just having too much pain to use this arm. Using this sling is forcing me to rest and not use it and it helps a bit. I will be fine soon.

Hank: (deep breath) Sure you will and now that I know the truth tell me more of the magic. What happened in the storm? Tell me the rest of the story.

Me: (misty eyed) Well, really it wasn’t my fault because I thought to check the weather report and they said I had a window of sun in all this winter rain we’re having, so when the storm came up I knew I had pushed my luck…

Hank: (leaning into my good arm and the story)


*Guest Artist: Me (Joy Hanford)