Hank: (opening my computer to do some homework) Mama?

Me: Hum?

Hank: What is this on your computer?

Me: Oh, you mean my new wall paper? (giggling)

Hank: Yah.

Me: Well, you’ve begun to question the validity of my threat to hang you on the clothes line as punishment.

Hank: Because you are joking.

Me: Am I? Are you sure?

Hank: (eyes like saucers)

Me: I thought you may need proof that it is indeed possible.

Hank: By your clothes, sure, but you always say that you are going to hang me by my toenails.

Me: I admit that I was unable to find photographic proof of that, but I am willing to test my theory.


Me: (grinning) Better keep your toenails trimmed, just in case.

Hank: (starting his homework) Good idea.