Happy Birthday to me



Me: (replacing Good Night Moon with a piece of toast) Amália Sofia, trust me, this toast is much more enjoyable eating than that book.

Molly: Nnnnnnnnnah (but, but, but… fair enough).

Hank: HAPPPPY BIIRRRRTTTHHH DAAAYYYY! (falling into a huge hug)

Me: Thank you, buddy.

Hank: There should be no school on birthdays.

Me: I hear you, but it’s Friday and we’ll have the whole weekend and the magic show and friends and I have to spend the day answering the phone anyway.

Pai: (smirking, getting his coat on)

Hank: I don’t understand.

Me: I will spend my day glued to the phone and if I don’t answer the phone then my cell phone will ring so there is no use resisting.

Pai: Our family and friends will spend the day calling your mãe (mom) to say happy birthday.

Me: It is a Portuguese tradition.

Hank: But not the whole day.

Me: (tilting my head sideways) Pretty much the whole day.

Pai: There is no avoiding the love.

Me: Nope.

(phone rings)

Hank: No way!

Me: It has begun.

Pai: (kissing me goodbye) Happy birthday.

Me: (winking at him) Estou, sim (hello, yes)? (pause) Bom Dia! (pause) Obrigada, obrigada! (pause, waving the boys out the door) Pois (sure). (pause) Claro, sim (clearly, yes). (closing the door, falling into fits of laughter)…