Hank: Mama? (clutching a yellow notebook to his chest)

Me: Yes, my dove?

Hank: Can I ask you for help? I have an English test tomorrow and I need help studying.

Me: Always. What is the test on?

Hank: Sports.

Me: Seriously?

Hank: Yes and I know nothing about sports. All the other kids know so much but I know nothing and normally I know so much in English, but I am lost. I mean what is a badminton anyway?

Me: Great question. (giggling) Your parents sure didn‘t prepare you for this did they? When you were three you thought an American football helmet was a bird and the last time I went to a Super Bowl party I asked what inning we were in.

Hank: I don’t know what that means.

Me: There are no innings in football only baseball…


Me: Never mind.

Hank: You don’t like sports why would you go to a sports party?

Me: Three words: Seven Layer Dip.

Hank: I don’t know what that is.

Me: It’s like a deconstructed taco.

Hank: Yum.

Me: Totally yum. Anyway, your papa and I grew up with sports, but we didn’t carry on the interest with you, I’m afraid.

Hank: I don’t mind, but it just means I need to extra study for this test.

Me: Right.

Hank: I need to know how to write and also what ball goes with the sport. Here is the list.

Me: All by tomorrow?

Hank: I have been practicing the spelling, but yes… by tomorrow. Sorry.

Me: Do you need to know the rules or just these things.

Hank: No! Thank god, no. That would be really, really hard.

Me: Truth. Now fetch me my computer. By the power Google has instilled upon me and the knowledge that comes with it: YOU SHALL PASS THIS TEST!

Hank: (giggling)