International Women’s Day



Hank: Happy Women’s Day, mama. Today is Women’s Day. We learned that at school and you’re a woman so happy day to you.

Me: Thanks Hank. Did they also teach you that women are not considered equal to men?

Hank: Oh yah, like in the olden days when women couldn’t wear pants and couldn’t have the same jobs as men or vote.

Me: Yes, but also now.

Hank: What?

Me: Women are still denied equal pay as men doing the same job and are often denied job advancement due to the idea that they may choose to have children or that they do have children.

Hank: Are you serious?

Me: I am dead serious.

Hank: That is ridiculous.

Me: Truth.

Hank: If I grow up to have a company I will pay my job people the same if they are men or women.

Me: Great idea. Now go to school and tell all of your friends so that when you all are adults you can make equal pay for equal work a reality if it is not mandatory before then.

Hank: Done.

Me: Thanks.