Button Popped

conversations with hank


Me: (hobbling about the house collecting this and that so we three can get out the door)

Molly: Kitty.

Hank: The kitty is at Tia’s house.

Molly: Go go go, kitty?

Hank: No, we are going on a walk and not to Tia’s house.

Molly: (sad) Kitty.

Hank: Here is a kitty toy.

Molly: (hugs the kitty toy then tosses it aside) Go go go, Kitty?

Hank: Argh.

Me: Her vocabulary will grow, but her love of cats may never diminish.

Hank: We should think about getting a cat.

Me: I am still holding out for a duck.

Hank: Mama, we have talked about this. Ducks poop in the house.

Me: So do cats.

Hank: Well…

Me: HA! Gottcha! (bending down to get the diaper bag and the button of my pants rockets free flying across the room.

Molly: OH WOW!

Me: Whoops!

Hank: (dashes to get the button before Molly can see if it is edible) Whatever you are thinking, mama, just stop: you are not fat.

Me: (riots of laughter)

Molly: (joining in)

Hank: (sincere) Your pants are very old and they just need sewing.

Me: (absolutely hysterical, leaning on the wall for support)

Molly: (puzzled but still laughing)

Hank: (hugging me, giggling) You are beautiful.

Me: (positively purple, practically hyperventilating, hugging him back)

Hank: All you have to do is sew this button back to your pants like this never happened.

Molly: (joining the hug)

Me: (wiping tears from my eyes) Wooooo, (giggling) Thank you, Hank. I simultaneously feel beautiful and delighted.

Hank: You are welcome, pretty mama.

Me: (going to the kitchen for the sewing box, chuckling) Well, that’s my day made!

Molly: Go go go?