Sometimes You Just Need Your Mama


Ms. Molly MaGoo, asleep in her high chair.  You can find more snaps of our daily life on Instagram.  Us the #conversationswithhank or find us @joyhanford

I have notoriously excluded photos of my kids on this blog, but here is a rare exception: Ms. Molly MaGoo, asleep in her high chair a few minutes before this conversation. You can find snaps of our daily life on Instagram. Use the #conversationswithhank or find us @joyhanford


Molly: (waking up alone at the table having fallen asleep in her high chair) MaaaaMA!

Me: (reading to Hank in my big bed)

Hank: (vaulting into action) Oh no, my mana (sister) needs me.

Me: Go go go! (gingerly getting up)

Hank: Mana? It’s okay, brothers coming.

Molly: (crying) Mamoooo (brother).

Pai: (lifting Molly into his arms) Pois, Amália, Pronto. Já esta. (It’s alright, Molly.  It’s done.)

Hank: Papa, can you carry Amália over to the couch I can hold her like mama does.

Me: (entering the room with our book)

Molly: (crying, struggling away from Hank) Mama!

Me: Hank, do not be offended, but I think Ms. MaGoo just needs her mama for a bit.

Hank: Perfectly fine.  Don’t worry, I get it.  I totally understand.

Me: (handing off the book to Pai) Come here, lovie.

Molly: (calmer) Mama. (clinging like a monkey)

Me: Can you open the book to the marked page and hand it to me? I think Molly would also like to go to Hogwarts.

Pai: Here you are. (kissing the tops of Molly and Hank’s heads)

Hank: Can I snuggle, too?

Me: What kind of silly question is that? Find a spot.

Hank: (grinning, joins the snuggle pile)

Me: (balancing baby, book and boy I return all three of us to Hogwarts.)