Nossos sentimentos mais profundos para os pais, familiares e amigos de Super-T.


Me: Hank, can you come here?

Hank: Sure, my mama.

Me: Sit down, please.

Hank: You know the lady at my school, Dona Rosa? She is always at the door when we leave?

Me: Yes.

Hank: She saw you at the health center with Papa and she asked what was wrong with you and if you were okay. She saw how you walk.

Me: Oh, I didn’t see her. I would have said,”hello.”

Hank: I told her your back was sick. That is what I tell people when they ask. A lot of people ask about you. I don’t mind.

Me: Well, thank you for being my PR representative. You can also say that I have artrite (arthritis).

Hank: But she wouldn’t know what that means.

Me: Adults know what that means, but your explanation is fine. Hank, there is something I need to tell you.

Hank: Yes?

Me: You remember that boy you helped raise money for to go to New York for cancer treatment?

Hank: Of course, Super-T. He is going to love New York. I told my whole class that I had been to New York, but I was little so I don’t remember, but he will remember and he will love it.

Me: (sad smiling) Super-T didn’t make it to New York, buddy.

Hank: Oh, does he need more money? My class raised €82. We can raise more. I have my savings.

Me: (getting emotional) Super-T doesn’t need the treatment anymore, buddy. He passed away today.

Hank: (crestfallen)

Me: He was very brave and so were his parents and whole family and he fought so very hard, but the body is fragile and cancer is the worst and takes the very best of people. (pause) Now he is off on his next journey and isn’t sick anymore.

Hank: (upset)

Me: Four years is a short life, but he had a very special life and we will keep his parents, his family and friends in our hearts.

Hank: He did his best.

Me: (throwing my arms around him) Yes, he did and his best was awesome and funny and brave and important.

Hank: Can I tell my friends and my teacher?

Me: Of course you may.

Hank: (his head falling on to my shoulder) He would have loved New York. He was so excited.

Me: (weeping) Would you like to read the notícias (news)? There is a very nice video of Super T being Super T.

Hank: Yes, please.

Rest in Awesome, Super-T.