A classic Midwestern American (scalable) silo

A classic Midwestern American (scalable) silo


(sitting down to dinner)

Hank: I got the best email from Grandpa Snitch today.

Pai: Really?

Me: In it he explains his theory to Molly’s fearless love of climbing. I had never heard this story before in my life, but my dad is like that, full of untold stories and adventure.

Hank: When he was a kid he spent the summer milking cows.

Me: On his uncle Asher’s farm.

Pai: Is this in Illinois?

Me: I believe so, Illinois or Wisconsin.

Hank: And one day he decided to climb the espigueiro (silo), but the American kind. The tall ones.

Pai: The silo?

Me: Yup, the typical red barn, silo, Midwestern farm set up.

Hank: He just climbed up it and when he got done he took his cousin’s bike and went to the next farm and climbed their espi… how do you call it in English?

Me: Silo. And then the neighbor farmer called uncle Asher and told him that my dad was climbing up his silo and he wouldn’t pay the hospital bill if he fell and lived.

Pai: Ha!

Hank: Why would grandpa snitch climb up that? Why would he even think to do that? I would never do that.

Me: Because he is fearless. You remember what happened with the rocket?

Hank: Oh yah, my grandpa Snitcher made a rocket all by himself and when he set it off it caught him and carried him up in the air and then exploded and he lost some of his hearing or seeing, which one?

Me: Hearing and he fell like 20 feet. Super dangerous, but mischief managed.

Pai: Must be where Molly gets it.

Me: Just wait until he tells you stories of visiting his Uncle Chester’s cabin in Yellow Stone National Park and the bear attacks and getting caught between a moose and her calf while hauling water from the creek to the cabin.

Pai: You better save these emails. They are important adventure stories and your family history.

Me: I can’t believe I didn’t want you having that phone, Hank. I would have never heard this silo story!

Hank: OH and my grandpa snitch got into so much trouble that he had to weed the garden for two days.

Pai: That is a proper punishment.

Hank: Are you going to give me that punishment in our horta (vegetable garden)?

Pai: That’s a great idea.

Me: Don’t go climbing silos and I think you’re safe.