conversations with hank

Molly drew us some kisses (beijinhos)


(at dinner)

Molly: A-dah! A-dah! Ah-dah! (pointing desperately)

Me: Would you like some more tortilla, MaGoo?

Molly: (looking over at her brother) Agua! Agua! Agua! (water)

Hank: Here’s your water, muggy.

Molly: (takes a sip, sets her sights on her papa) A-dah! Papa! A-dah! A-dah! A-dah!

Pai: (peeling an orange) I will share, tem calma (calm down).

Molly: Papa, (pointing desperately at the orange) AH-DAH! PAPA! AH-DAH! AH-DAH! AH-DAH!

Me: (rubbing her back) Your papa will share, but it isn’t instantaneous. You need to be patient.

Molly: AH-DAH!!! (reaching)

Hank: It’s like my teacher says, “You can’t walk up to a cow and expect cheese.”

Pai: (handing over a peeled, skinned orange segment) HA! Exactly.

Me: Wise words. Are you listening, MaGoo?

Molly: (mouth stuffed with orange, chipmunk cheeks, juice running down her chin) Ah-dah? (pointing for more)

Pai: (chuckling) This lesson is learned with time.