After School

conversations with hank

Me: Tell me everything. Did you have a good day?

Hank: Yes, mostly we practiced my dance for the end of the year party. Can you come and see my dance?

Me: I wouldn’t miss it.

Hank: Oh good. I was worried you would be too sick to come.

Me: I will be there. Imagine how proud Molly will be of her big brother dancing.

Hank: And there will be chairs incase you need to sit down.

Me: Perfect.

Hank: It is almost the end of school!!!

Me: I know. Amazing. You will be in 4th grade!

Hank: I am ready. How was your day, mama?

Me: I have very little to report. I was in bed practically all day. Molly and I have been leveled by this cold.

Hank: That’s where you were supposed to be. Sometimes the body needs rest and the best thing you can do for yourself is rest if that is what your body needs.

Me: Thank you very much for saying so, I needed to hear exactly those words. How did you get so wise, Hank?

Hank: From you and papa and my heart. I have no homework, can I use my phone?

Me: I don’t know, can you?

Hank: (pause) May I?

Me: You may after I collect my hug.

Hank: Sure.

Me: (from the best hug ever) You have to pay a pretty high tax of hugs in this house to get what you want.

Hank: I don’t mind. (kissing my cheek before scuttling off)