School Dance LEAKED

Our Veranda Dahlias, Photo by Hank

Our Veranda Dahlias, Photo by Hank


Hank: Mama, do you know how you’re always asking me if there were problems or drama at the end of my day after school?

Me: I do.

Hank: Well, there is drama.

Me: Spill.

Hank: Joana had her birthday party this weekend.

Me: I remember.

Hank: And I didn’t go because it was at one of those birthday party play places and I don’t like them. Too loud, too much, not for me.

Me: Right.

Hank: Well, the song we are dancing our end of the year dance played at the play place so Joana and our colleagues danced the dance and Joana’s mom took a video and  put the dance on YouTube.

Me: (unfazed)


Me: Oh!

Hank: The dance has been leaked. (arms up in surrender) Now everyone has seen the dance and it won’t be a surprise or special and this is a tragedy.

Me: Oh. I am sorry, Hank. I haven’t seen the dance. It wasn’t leaked to me.

Hank: Thank god you aren’t friends with any of the mothers at my school.

Me: (raising my index finger in the air to make an important point) On Facebook.

Hank: Right, yes… on Facebook because you are very nice and everyone wants to be your friend in real life.

Me: (smirking) Right.