Adventure Time


Adventure Time


Hank: Bye, love you. (walking out the door)

Me: See yah! Have a good day.

Pai: See you at 11am.

Me: I would call it a date but physical therapy isn’t really sexy, is it?

Pai: You make everyday a date. (kissing my cheek, walking out the door)

Me: Charmer. (walking into the living room) Well MaGoo…

Molly: (dropping her bottle) Papa?

Me: Papa and Mano (brother) went to school.

Molly? (waving) Tchao (goodbye).

Me: Now littlest chicken, what do you want to do? Shall we switch to VH1 Classics? Do you want a dance party? (picking up the remote)

Molly: No no no.

Me: Sophia the First?

Molly: No no no.

Me: Utterly annoying baby channel?]

Molly: No no no.


Molly: (pointing to the TV, returning to her milk)

Me: You want to keep watching Mano’s (brother’s) show, Adventure Time?

Molly: (dropping the bottle, smiling at me)

Me: You have good taste, Miss Molly McGoo.

Molly: Happy. (pointing at the TV)

Me: Adventure time makes you happy?

Molly: (grinning, pointing, drinking her milk)

Me: Me, too. Adventure Time is the best.

Molly: Happy. (patting her stomach, drinking her milk, happily)


Spoons, Root Beer Barrels and Swimming Lessons


Root Beer Barrels: Hank’s favorite American candy


Hank: (Leaving the school gate, shocked) Mama, what are you doing here? Is everything okay? Where’s Amália? Is she okay?

Me: Whoa, slow down, sailor. Everything is fine. Molly is with your Avó Dalia (grandmother). I came to watch your swimming lesson and then take you to the café.

Hank: But how did you get here?

Me: I walked very slowly and I took breaks.

Hank: Are you sure you’re okay?

Me: Well, only half okay because I haven’t had a hug from you yet.

Hank: (from a hug) Are you really here to see me swim?

Me: It is about time I see your swim technique.

Hank: But are you okay, do you need a pillow.

Me: Hank, you are my little worrier, but I need you to trust me that I have enough spoons* to do this today and I am very excited to see your backstroke.

Hank: I have been working hard on my form.

Me: (beaming) So I’ve heard.

Hank: There are some stairs to climb to get to the place where the parents sit. I will help you up then I will go and change. We have time.

Me: Sounds like a plan.

Hank: Do you need anything else? Water? You can sit on my backpack if the seats are too uncomfortable for you.

Me: (squeezing his hand, beginning the slow journey to the swimming school which is a block from Hank’s school) I have a purse full of root beer barrels, I have my book which is very good and I have you. I have all that I need.

Hank: Can I have a root beer barrel? I know I can’t eat for 30 minutes before I swim but root beer barrels are like gum, right? Kids chew gum before swimming school all the time.

Me: (fishing two root beer barrels for him and me out of my purse, handing one over with a wink)

Hank: (dropping my hand to unwrap his favorite American candy) This is my best day ever.

Me: Mine, too.

*The Spoon Theory, by Christine Miserandino is an analogy to explain how a person with a chronic illness or disability manages their energy and activity levels throughout the day.  This been an invaluable way for me to explain to Hank how I function in spite of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis.  Click on the link to read more.


Bedtime Stories



Me: Okay, show me your teeth.

Hank: (displaying teeth in a wicked grin)

Me: They look good and brushed. Molly, show me your teeth.

Molly: (doing the same but her grin is 100% adorable)

Me: Your teeth sparkle, MaGoo. Well done, if I do say so myself.

Hank: Mama, did you know that your should never leave your car in neutral when going down a hill?

Me: (tucking him in bed)  That is how your Avô Alfredo (grandfather) managed to loose control of my dream car…

Hank: The Renault 4? Avô (grandfather) had one of those?

Me: Yes he did and one afternoon while driving around Arrábida he tossed that Renault 4 in neutral to coast and not waist gas but when he hit the breaks they no longer responded and he couldn’t get the car back in gear and lost control and that is how the whole family went off-roading in a Renault 4 down the mountain like in the movies.

Hank: But how did no one die?

Me: Thankfully your Avô (grandfather) kept the car level on their unplanned adventure. I am sure if the car flipped I would be telling a much different story.

Molly: (secretly in the corner trying to squirrel something away in her pajama pants)

Me: What is your sister up to?

Hank: (shrugs)

Me: (popping up behind her) Oh, she found coins.

Hank: That’s not good.

Molly: (waving a disapproving finger) No, no, no!

Me: That’s right, MaGoo.

Molly: (waving a disapproving finger) Muggy, no no.

Hank: I’m sorry, mama. I think those coins came from when Irina, Mariama and I were playing with your purses. Your purses always have coins in them.

Me: That is true. It is a bad habit of mine. I am neglectful of coins. Once upon a time in America I used to move about once a year and your Uncle Jesse always would come and help me…

Hank: Because of your back?

Me: Yes, and because he is a great big brother. The deal was that your Uncle Jesse could keep any change that he found lying about my apartment and every few minutes I would hear him say to himself, “my change,” as he pocketed the coins. All said and done he would end up with enough to by himself a beer or two.

Hank: (giggling) My change.

Me: That is a good memory. Right, well it is time.

Hank: I’m off to Bedfordshire.

Me: Well done.

Hank: Muggy, give me a kiss.

Molly: (scampers over to her brother and plants a kiss right on his lips)

Hank: (shocked) What?! When did she learn to do that?

Me: Yesterday, I think.

Molly: (scampering over to me and plants a kiss right on my lips)

Me: Thank you, MaGoo. Now, say goodnight to your mano (brother)

Molly: (waving) Tchau (ciao, goodbye).

Hank: Good night, muggy.

Molly: Muggy (patting her chest then waving) Tchau (ciao, goodbye)

Hank: Love you, mama.

Me: Board your sail boat and set sail into the red and pink and purple sunset, set your coarse for the Island of Bedfordshire and your best sleep ever. (walking out of the room)

Molly: (trailing behind blowing kisses)