Me: (putting on my seatbelt) Let’s go get our girl!

Hank: Mana (sister)! I am so excited.  I love when she comes home from her Ama’s (nanny’s) house!

Pai: (driving) How was everyone’s day?

Hank: Good. I read my book and played SIMS 4 and um…

Me: That was about it, Hank.

Pai: That is enough. Sounds great, filho (son).

Hank: How was your day, papa?

Pai: Fine, but I am already day dreaming of our beach weekend in Espinho.

Me: We’re so lucky to have friends that can help us beat the 42(107) degree heat predicted for this weekend. I only hope my tomatoes survive.

Pai: How was your day, Joy?

Me: Productive. I finally changed the theme of the blog. (deep breath)

Pai: Good for you.

Hank: You changed our blog? To what?

Me: I didn’t change anything about the content of the blog just the focus.

Hank: I don’t understand.

Me: I have always seen our little corner of the internet as being like a time capsule and our blog like a diary or a story telling blog, but that isn’t how the majority of the people who read our blog see it.

Hank: What does majority mean?

Pai: A majority is the greater number of a whole. The minority is the smaller number.

Me: The minority of our readers see the blog like we do. They are mostly our friends and family and read our blogs posts to catch up on our daily lives. But now the majority of our readers are people we don’t know and they read our blog for parenting advice. Does that makes sense?

Hank: Almost. Tell me what those words mean again.

Me: Think of it this way. The majority of our friends drink Coca-Cola and the minority drink Pepsi. Of all of our friends and family I can only think of two people who willingly drink Pepsi: Megumi and Shing. Megumi and Shing are the minority, the smaller group. Everybody else chooses to drink Coca-Cola unless forced to do otherwise. They are the Majority, the larger group or the greater number of our whole group of friends.

Hank: Okay, I get it now. So the majority of the people who read our blog we don’t know? They don’t know us? Like strangers?

Me: In real life no, but they know us from reading our blog and they see our blog as an example of parenting which is true because in all of our conversations I am your parent and you are my kid so I have shifted…

Pai: The term is pivot, you have pivot from being a micro-sitcom to being…

Me: An accidental parenting blog.

Pai: Pivot.

Me: (giggling mimicking Ross Geller from Friends) Pivot! Pivot!



Me: (continuing to laugh at my joke) Pivot! Piiiivot!



Me: Friends? Ross buys a couch and thinks its ridiculous to pay for movers? Nobody’s seen that one.

Hank: I’m eight.

Pai: Afraid not, no.

Me: This is all your Aunt Kelly’s (college roommate) fault as she played Friends nonstop in college. Google it. (snickering) So funny.

Hank: What does pivot mean?