Introvert Costume Idea

Molly is a Uni-Saurus-Rex this year for Halloween.

Molly is a Uni-Saurus-Rex this year for Halloween.


Me: Halloween is Monday.

Hank: I know.

Me: Are you dressing up this year or going as a psychopath, a perfect introvert costume, because they look like everyone else?

Hank: What’s a psychopath?

Me: Not important, but perfectly Halloween themed.

Hank: I am not dressing up because I have a test in Portuguese and my teacher said that no matter if we have costumes or paint on our faces we have to take the test, no excuses and I want to concentrate annnnnnd I only like dressing up for Carnival (Mardi Gras) because everyone else is dressed up so I stand out if I am not wearing a costume, but on Halloween only some kids dress up so then its like everyone looks at you and has something to say.

Me: Then you can go full psychopath.

Hank: Mooooom, I don’t even know what that is! How can I be that when I don’t know what psychopath is?

Me: Good point, but if you run into any other Americans and they asked you what you are for Halloween you have a killer costume dressed just as you are and they are still obligated to give you candy.

Hank: What? Do you really think that will happen? How many Americans are in Guimarães? They are all at home in American giving out candy and watching Charlie Brown on TV.

Me: My god, I’m homesick!

Hank thinks it's a Dino-Corn... We can't decide what species this is, either way we're having fun.

Hank thinks it’s a Dino-Corn. We can’t decide what species this is, but either way we’re having fun.