Pajamas are very important in this house.

Pajamas are very important in this house.


Me: (wrestling an unhappy baby into clothes)

Molly: NO! This! This!

Hank: Good morning! Today is today. It’s Hillary day!

Me: Good morning, Hank. Argh. Amália Sofia!

Hank: Second name means you listen, Moo moo.

Molly: NO! Noooooo. This. Thiss!

Me: What is This? What this? What do you want, Amália? (letting go of the struggle)

Molly: (toddles over to her discarded pajamas) This. (lays down on her pajamas) This, mama. (starts to put her arms back into the pajama sleeves)

Hank: Oh, she doesn’t want to get dressed.

Me: Oh, MaGoo. I totally understand. True story. I am so sorry today is a getting dressed day, but I promise you a no-getting-dressed day on the weekend. You have to go outside and it is getting cold. You have to get dressed to go outside.

Molly: (big, tired tears stuck to her cheeks) Outside?

Hank: Yes, you have to take me to school and then go see Ama (nanny) and Ouis (her husband, Louis) and then Ariana will be there to play.

Molly: Sad. (snuggling into her pajamas) Sad.

Hank: Awe. Mama, she’s sad to leave her pajamas. (laying down next to her, cheek to cheek) I understand, Amália. I love my pajamas in the winter, so so much. (rubbing her back)

Molly: Sad.

Me: We will give you a minute to wake up and say, “Good Day,” to you pajamas, little chicken.

Hank: See watch, Amália. (pops up, yawns, stretches, turns and waves to her pajamas) Good Day, Pajamas! I will see you tonight! I’m getting dressed for the day!

Molly: (giggling, getting up, scooping up her pajamas, giving them a kiss) See you! Bah-Bye! (bringing the pajamas to me, sitting on my lap, attention back on cartoons, ready to get dressed)

Me: (quietly) Thank you, Hank.

Hank: (kissing the top of Molly’s head) She’s my best sister and I am her best big brother.

Me: Ever.