A Conversation with Molly

Our front door

Our front door


(front door opening)

Molly: Hello!

Pai: (brushing past me loaded with computer bag and diaper bag, blowing a kiss)

Me: (rushing to greet her outside the apartment on our front steps) Shhhhh! (whispering excitedly) Hello, Molly my dear!

Molly: (gigantic hug) MAMA! Hello! Mano (brother)? (calling over my shoulder) MANO (brother)!

Me: Shhhhh. (whispering) Hush now. Your Mano (brother) is sleeping.

Molly: (concerned) Mano (brother)?

Me: Your Mano (brother)  is a bit sick.

Molly: (sitting on the top step, defeated) Sad. Amália Sad. Mano (brother).

Me: (sitting next to her) I know it is sad. You wanted to play with Mano (brother), did you?

Molly: (beaming) SIM! (remembering) Sad.

Me: Your Mano (brother) needs to sleep. He has a bad cold. He has been sick all day.

Molly: Sad.

Me: (rubbing her back)

Molly: Dinosaur sad. (pointing to her leftover birthday party decorations). Dinosaurs all gone. Sad.

Me: It is very sad there are no more dinosaurs. They are all gone. All we have are fossils.

Molly: Sad.

Me: Oh no, Amália cannot play with Mano (brother). Amália cannot play with dinosaurs. It is all very sad.

Molly: (perking up) Oh papa! PAPA!

Pai: Sim, filha? Anda cá! Brinque com Pai! (Yes, daughter? Come here! Play with dad!)

Molly: Oh papa! I catch you. (toddling to her feet and up the last step into the house) I catch you! (running to find her Pai (dad)

I often sing this amazing Lori Henriques song to our Molly as a lullaby since she loves dinosaurs and I love Lori Henriques songs.  Her music is magical for ALL AGES.  Consider a CD for a holiday gift this year!!!  Perfect music for a long car ride and don’t forget her brother’s amazing site Made by Joel (who illustrated this video)  filled with fun art activities for all ages.