No Magic Today

This fever is making him so tall!

This fever is making him so tall!


Hank: (squeaky) Mama, look. (swallows water without pain)

Me: Hallelujah! How long have you been doing that?

Hank: This morning. It’s new, but my whole body hurts so it is like (cough, cough) the hurt traveled.

Me: Bummer. Small victories.

Hank: Mama, today can I have cold orange juice? I know it is better to eat oranges than to drink the juice but that is what I really want.

Me: I shall relent, but you have to eat while the pain in your throat is gone. You are going to be so tall because of this Mono, but you are going to be so skinny that if you turn sideways you will all but disappear.

Hank: What?

Me: What?

Hank: Fevers make you tall?

Me: You didn’t know that?

Hank: I don’t think anyone knows that, I think you made that up.

Me: (feigning offense) How dare you?!?!?!

Hank: You don’t mean to. It’s just you’re a writer so you think of creative ways to explain things that are not really real sometimes… (cough, cough) I am just too sick to like it today so that is all.

Me: (shoulders drop)

Hank: (exhausted, eyes not focused, slurring his speech) No magic today, mama. I am too sick. I don’t believe in magic today and magic is only real as long as you believe it.

Me: Truth. (defeated)

Hank: (eyes growing heavy, struggling to stay open)

Me: (taking his water glass from him ever so gently as to not wake him up)

Hank: (snoring, fast asleep, sitting up)