conversations with hank


Hank: (groggy having slept 18 hours strait, squeaky voice, dressed in slippers, pajama bottoms and an open bathrobe) Hi.

Molly: MANO (brother)! (toddling off the couch) Mano. (toddling over to her brother, determined) Mano. (giggling, pausing, then delighted pushing his belly button) BEEP! (doubling over laughing, again pushing his belly button) BEEEEEEEEEP!

Hank: That tickles, Amália.

Molly: (again, pushes his belly button) Beep! I so funny. (giggling) I so funny, mama.

Me: You are funny, MaGoo. Good morning, Mister. How are you doing after your long winter’s nap?

Hank: Hungry.

Me: (jump up dramatically, as if I have won a prize I didn’t realize I was eligible for) Hurray!

Pai: (from the kitchen) I have just the thing.

Me: I’ll help.

Molly: (pushing Hank’s belly button) BEEEP!

Hank: You’re so funny, Amália.

Molly: (riots of giggles) I funny.

Pai: Let’s get out the door before you have the big reveal or I will never get to campus. Molly? Ready?

Molly: (toddling toward the door, determined) Bah-bye! Bah-Bye, Mano (brother). Bah-bye (waving).

Hank: Bye, Molly. Bye, Papa.

Pai: Bye, family. (door closing)

Me: ANNNNNNND here you go.

Hank: Whoa!

Me: The doctor at the ER yesterday said you need calories and to feed you whatever you want until you gain back the 3kilos (6.6lbs) you’ve lost in 6 days, so you get a cookie breakfast. And I am poised to make you anything at all that you want ever.

Hank: This is a lot of cookies.

Me: And you can eat all of them or some. Remember when the doctor wanted Molly to gain weight right before she was born?

Hank: Ah-huh, (sneezing, coughing, closing his bathrobe) she told you to eat cookies. Molly was made of cookies and love. You ate so many cookies.

Me: And we got Molly up to weight and she was so much healthier when she was born because of it. Sometimes, but not often, cookies are exactly what you need.

Hank: Thanks, mama.

Me: (tousling his sweaty hair) I am just so grateful you are feeling a tiny bit better. I think that IV of fluids yesterday was exactly what you needed and all of your labs said you had improved.  You are getting better.

Hank: Slowly. There are so many sick kids right now. The urgência (ER) was full.

Me: Tis the season! It’s warm in the day and super cold at night.

Hank: (mouth full of cookies, swallowing without saying ouch)

Me: (pleased)