We’ve Only Just Begun

conversations with hank


Me: Molly, do you want to try some of your milk?

Molly: (sitting next to me, holding a cup of milk only 1/5 of the way full, takes a pretend sip) Yum, yum!

Me: Oh, that was nice pretending. Can you try it for real? This milk is very, very yummy.

Molly: (pointing in the cup) Melk?

Me: Yes, that is milk.

Hank: (extreme bedhead) Good morning.

Molly: Gooooood morning, Mano. (pointing in her cup) Melk.

Hank: Oh, you’re drinking your milk in a cup?

Me: Molly is two. It is time to start adjusting away from a bottle.

Hank: Oh, that is hard.

Me: You were traumatized and didn’t drink milk out of spite for two years.

Hank: I love milk now.

Molly: (dipping her finger in her milk and tasting it) MMMmmmmm, yummy. Me queres (want) melk.

Me: Wonderful, try drinking this milk.

Molly: (shaking her head) No, me get down. Get down? Melk?

Me: We are drinking our milk in a cup today, Magooie.

Molly: (passing me the cup, toddling off the sofa)

Hank: Didn’t you make Tia Tippy (aunt) take my bottle away.

Me: I did. I couldn’t do it and you were almost three and I needed help. You had the worst tantrums…

Hank: I was a tantrum terrorist.

Me: (nodding) Your tantrums could last a solid hour and resulted in injury or vomiting so your Tia Tippy (aunt) and I formulated a plan. You went to her house for a whole week while you papa and I were packing and purging for our move to Portugal and she told you that I forgot to pack your bottles and you couldn’t have Cole’s (cousin) because those were for babies. It worked, you didn’t rage tantrum with her just standard three-anger tantruming.

Hank: I am worse with you and papa than with other people.

Me: Funny isn’t it, but completely true. This is also why I wasn’t invited on family holidays in Algarve until you were seven and even then your Tia and Avó (aunt and grandmother) mentioned you are much better behaved and less whinny when I don’t come to the beach so I left after a day.

Hank: That is why you left?

Me: Yup, plus I am not a real beach person. I don’t see the point. I am more a hike in the woods then jump in the lake kind of girl.

Molly: (looking up from a puzzle) Melk?

Me: (hopeful) This morning we are drinking our milk in a cup like water, like a big girl!

Hank: This will take a while.

Me: (singing) We’ve only just begun

Hank: Mom.

Me: … To live!
White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way
We’ve only begun.

Hank: Mom.

Me: (totally dancing to the beat of my own drummer)
Sharing horizons that are new to us
Watching the signs along the way
Talkin’ it over, just the two of us
Workin’ together day to day

Molly: (suspect)

Hank: Mom.

Me: Yes, this will take time.

Molly: (now delighted, clapping and laughing)

Me: And when the evening comes, we smile
So much of life ahead…

Hank: I’m going to make a chocolate milk.

Molly: MELK!

Me: Here, here is some milk.

Molly: Não quero (I don’t want).

Me: Harrumph.