The Daily Requests of her Royal Two-Ness

Writing her Royal Decrees

Writing her Royal Decrees


(getting our Amália out the door each morning goes a little something like this)

Prima: Molly, It’s time to go.

Molly: Tia’s How-se (house)?

Hank: Yes, let’s go call the elevator.

Molly: Friends! Friends! Go go, Tia’s How-se (house)! (nodding her head)

Me: (sipping coffee in the background) Let the negotiations begin.

Molly: Dinosaur? Where r oooo? Dolly? Where r ooooo? ACHI (HERE)!

Hank: You want to take your Dolly (which is a tilda rag doll the equal height of Molly) and your dinosaur?

Molly: Sim (yes). Pillow e blanket. (nodding, gathering)

Prima: You want to take to your Tia’s (nanny’s) house: your dinosaur, your dolly, your pillow and your blanket? All of them?

Molly: (struggling with all her must have things for the day) Ajuda (help)! Ajuda-me (help me) Hep me! Hep, Akika! (Hep is Help and prima’s name is Monica which Molly can’t say so she calls her Akika)

Me: (interveining) Amália Sofia Hanford Pereira, listen. (crouching to speak to her at eye level) If you want to take it you have be able to carry it yourself. All by yourself. If you can’t carry it then it stays here until you get home from your Ama’s (nanny’s) house. Okay?

Molly: (teary eyed, lower lip jutting out) Okay. (sniffling through the purge) Dolly? Sim (yes). Blanket? Sim (yes). Dinosaur? Não (no). Dinosaur fica aqui (stays here). Pillow? Sim (yes).

Hank: But that is only one less thing!

Me: Hank, you have a lot to learn about woman. Loosing that dinosaur was a sacrifice.

Prima: (laughing knowingly)

Molly: (wrapping herself in the blanket like a cape, tucks the life sized tilda doll under one arm and her pusheen pillow up under her other arm and walks out of the living room toward the door with the air and grace of toddler royalty) Tchau (good bye)! Tchau, mama! I love you.

Hank: (following behind her like courtier) Love you, bye.

Prima: (grabbing the diaper bag) Tchau Prima, love you. Have a good day.

Me: Tchau, Chickens. (giggling to myself, sipping my coffee)

Pai: (seeing Queen Amália for the first time struggling to climb down the landing stairs refusing the help of her two most loyal attendants) Good god, that girl.

Me: She purged the dinosaur from the must have items of the day.

Pai: How will she ever survive the loss? (kissing my cheek and joining the fray)