conversations with hank


Hank: Mama?

Me: Sim (yes)?

Hank: You awake?

Me: I am, are you?

Hank: I just woke up.

Me: How you doing?

Hank: I think I am better. I have no more vomit to vomit. How are you?

Me: About the same. Argh.

Hank: I don’t like being sick at all, but I don’t mind being sick with you. It is nice waking up in your big bed with you.

Me: That is a lovely thing to say. Good job finding the positive in this gross, awful flu situation. This isn’t the first time you and I have been sick together. Do you remember?

Hank: No.

Me: When we lived in Setúbal. You got the flu while I was breaking up with my gallbladder.

Hank: I remember when you were in the hospital for a long time, but I don’t remember being sick with you.

Me: This was before my long hospital stay.  After the first time I went to the hospital you came down with the flu and you and I spent the better part of the week sleeping toe to toe on the sofa watching cartoons and eating very little. I think you were four.

Hank: I am so glad that Amália isn’t sick.

Me: And that papa got sick first so now he can take care of Molly.

Hank: My whole body hurts and that is the worst part. I am an expert puker by now, but I don’t like this hurtie feeling.

Me: I totally understand.

Hank: You tell people this is what you feel like every day. Is that true?

Me: Personally speaking, with my RA/AS the easiest way to describe it is that I live with the flu every day of my life. Just the achy part, not the pukie part, but every person with these diseases feels differently.

Hank: How do you do it?

Me: Do what?

Hank: Everything.  I can’t leave this bed.

Me: People by nature are adaptable, as adaptable as much as they are willing to be.

Hank: So I feel like you today.

Me: Basically.

Hank: Oh, so if I feel like you how do you feel with the flu on top of everything else?

Me: Doubly bad, but I feel better with a buddy and I know this won’t last. This isn’t so bad.  I have felt worse. Don’t worry about me.

Hank: Okay. I can’t wait to eat again. I am going to eat pizza when I am better. That is what I want. Can we make pizza when we are better?

Me: That is a great plan, but right now how about some cold water and saltine crackers?

Hank: Just water for me. I need some more time before food. I am not hungry just dreaming of my healthy body eating pizza.

Me: (moaning, rolling out of bed) Bubbles or no bubbles?

Hank: No bubbles, but lots of love.

Me: (giggling) Coming right up.