Time Change

conversations with hank

(A few months ago we were watching the Netflix Series of the amazing book series, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, as a family and the story of The Wide Window left quite an impression on our Molly.  WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS)


Me: (entering the kids room an hour after nights out) Now what is going on here, chatter boxes?

Hank: (whining) We can’t sleep.

Molly: (bouncing on her crib like a trampoline) No sweep, mama.

Me: (sigh of defeat) I hate time change.

Hank: Oh yah! We changed the clocks today.

Me: (rescuing Molly from her crib and carrying her over to Hank’s bed and getting under his covers) You spring forward and fall back although this practice IS NOT EVEN NECESSARY. Screws everybody up. Especially babies.

Hank: And since it is spring we went forward one hour so that means…

Me: Only now does your body think it is time to sleep, and don’t even get me started about how pleasent we three will be in the morning getting up one hour earlier, but we have to switch our body’s internal clock so you two had to go to sleep what feels like an hour earlier to start that process. Good thing you and your sister are friends.

Hank: We sang every song from Frozen and twinkle twinkle and Stay Awake, like 10,000 times.

Me: I know, I heard. Unlike you chickens I wouldn’t mind going to bed an hour earlier because I am an  old lady and lost my cool card way back in 2007.

Hank: You’re still cool, mama.

Me: Stop, you’ll make me blush.

Molly: (desperate to be included in the conversation) Howse fall down? Howse fall down in the water? Sweep (sleep) wit mano (brother), mama? Okay? (nodding) Snuggle Sweep?

Hank: (wrapping his arms around his sister) Yes please! Can Amália sleep here with me?

Me: Nope.

Hank: Why?

Me: Because while you are thinking you will be an interior designer or a chef when you grow up Molly is going to be a super hero.

Molly: (thrusting her fists in the air with great force) MOO-MOO GIGANTE (GIANT)!!!!

Me: A Super Hero named, Moo-Moo Gigante, which means sleeping with Molly is like sleeping in an active kickboxing match. (lovingly brushing the curls from her face) When she dreams Molly is the savior.

Molly: Hulk SMASH.

Me: With Hulk as her sidekick, of course.

Hank: (disbelief) No.

Me: Trust me. Never have I been so bruised as the day after I thought it would be adorable to snuggle sleep with Molly in my bed. Jeesh.

Molly: Howse fall down?

Hank: That’s right, mana (sister) The Baudelaire brother and sister and baby were in the house on the hill but then they got out and

Me: A great wind blew, whoooooosh, and the house fell off the cliff.

Molly: OH NO! CAIU (FELL)!

Hank: The house fell, fell, fell down into the water.

Me: But don’t be scared…

Molly: No scared. (shaking her head no)

Me: Because the brother and the sister and the baby were outside the house.

Molly: (nodding) Fora (outside).

Hank: And the house was completely empty and now the house is at the bottom of Lake Lachrymose.

Molly: FISH!

Me: That’s right and now it is a house for fish.

Molly: Again?

Hank: You want us to tell you the story again?

Molly? Sim (yes). (nodding) Peas (please).

Me: You start the story and we will finish it, Ms. Moo-Moo Gigante.

Molly: (proud) Howse fall down. Howse fall down in the water. (nodding)