Once a year every year of Pai's childhood: Eurovision.

Once a year every year of Pai’s childhood: Eurovision.


Hank: (jumping) WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!

Pai: What a weekend.

Me: (counting on my fingers) The pope came to Fatima, Benfica (soccer club) won the national cup and Portugal finally won Eurovision.

Pai: (facetious) It is as if we are finally coming out of the shadow of Salazar.

Me: And we are the top European travel destination for 2017.

Hank: WE WON! (still jumping)

Pai: (sincerely impressed)This was my dream. I watched this show every year growing up and I have always wished someone would win this thing and then say exactly what he said. Just rip into the idea of this pimba (tacky) festival and make it more about music and talent and less carnival.

Me: He’s an iconoclast.

Hank: What is an iconoclast?

Me: Someone who marches right into the center of things and smashes a long held idea or belief. This word can be literal or figurative. The literal example of iconoclasm are the bands of marauding men in the middle east walking into museums and smashing cultural heritage and antiquities. Figuratively an iconoclast is Salvador.

Pai: When they handed him is trophy he gave a speech about how disposable music has become.

Me: Music of only fireworks and hooks but no soul or passion.

Pai: Salvador and his sister, Luisa, swept that contest with a simple, perfect song and then he took the time to stand up in front of the institution of Eurovision and express his wish for it to become more about the artist and less about a flashy Feira Popular spectacular (now closed flea market and carnival amusement park in Lisbon open 365 days a year).

Me: Salvador just won Eurovision, the epitome of cheesy pop music, the birthplace of ABBA and didn’t care. He didn’t care a wit.

Pai: He didn’t get dressed. Didn’t style his hair or shave. He didn’t participate in the projection mapping…

Me: Or have a choreographed dance break.

Pai: He was there to represent Portugal and sing his sister’s song, but not play the game. This was my dream. Finally someone participated that was just too good to ignore and he couldn’t care less about winning Eurovision since for him it was about the music and not the title.

Me: Iconoclast.

Pai: Salvador is an artist.

Me: The best ones are!

Pai: BUT brace yourself, the memes are coming.

Me: (snickers)

Pai: It is only a matter of time before there is a meme running around Portugal of A Nossa Senhora de Fatima shining her benevolent light over Salvador.

Me: And Benfica!

Pai: And Benfica, of course.


Gawd bless meme makers: Salvador Sobral as the face of Nossa Senhora de Fatima wearing a Benfica Jersey.

Gawd bless meme makers: Salvador Sobral as the face of Nossa Senhora de Fatima (Our Lady of Fatima) wearing a Benfica jersey.