Caught in the Rain

Eventually we made it home.

Eventually we made it home.


(dashing into a café and out of the rain after Hank’s morning run)

Hank: (anxious) Mom, there are no tables.

Me: Deep breath, my dove.

Hank: Mom! It is pouring out and there are no tables.

Me: Stay calm and scan the room.

Hank: Mom, what are we going to do? Should we go to another café?

Me: (scout a woman picking up her hand bag, make a dash for the table) See, stay calm and keep a level head and all will be well in the end.

Hank: I can’t believe it started raining.

Me: It was perfect timing. When it started drizzling and I was wondered if you would panic and stop your run to hide under a tree or something, but then you bounded over the hill just in time to hide under my tree before the worst of it hit.

Hank: I thought about hiding actually, but then I knew where you were sitting and my run was almost done so I just kept going.

Me: Thatta boy. Spoken like an athlete.

Hank: That makes me wonder what would happen if there was a marathon and it was raining?

Me: (dabbing my rain speckled forehead and cleaning my glasses) You run anyway.

Hank: And what about the winter when it is raining everyday?

Me: You run anyway, but with a bit more gear on so you doing get pneumonia.

Hank: Running is exciting.

Me: That makes me happy for you.

Hank: Today was easier than yesterday.

Me: Diligence is a wonderful attribute that both your papa and I posess in spades! I really hope you inherit this trait.

Hank: Does diligence mean hard work?

Me: Diligence means never giving up, always trying, setting goals and completing them. Diligence is the motivation behind thoughtful hard work and if you work diligently at something every single day you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Hank: That is how you write your books and papa makes his science research.

Me: Yes. Diligently. Diligence is an investment in something with the biggest pay off of being proud of yourself.

Hank: Tomorrow, I will remember to check the weather report before we leave. I wasn’t really worried about me in the rain, but I was worried about you.

Me: That sounds like a solid plan and thank you for worrying about me. Thank goodness for the Portuguese love of coffee! We can stay here, safe and dry, all day if we wanted to.

Hank: (looking out the window at the sheets and sheets of summer rain) We may have to!