Ferias (Vacation)

All packed and ready of his month away from home before we reunite in August.

All packed and ready of his month away from home before we reunite in August. Blog returns in September.


Hank has left the building.  The house is empty without him.  Hank is off on a month holiday by himself and that leaves you with just me.  Just little old me.

I fought this, I tried with all my might and powers of persuasion, but alas I lost the battle and our Hank is off with a slew of friends and family as their guests on numerous beach holidays for the entire month of July.

Everything became finalized this past weekend and last night we dropped Hank off with the first his generous and loving hosts.  I take it as a compliment to Hank that so many of our friends and family want to share their ferias (vacations) with him and it is such a wonderful opportunity for him I couldn’t say no. I wasn’t quite prepared with school having ended more than two weeks later than usual, but whatcha gonna do?  It’s hot and our Hank’s kind, calm, helpful nature is such a gift to all who love him and my boy adores the beach.  In fact, our friends just sent us photos of Hank’s morning jog which he took with waves lapping at his feet. Such a gift.

Hank is the pivotal element to this blog.  His wit, charm and unique sweetness are the foundation to our family dialogue and when I finally relented and gratefully agreed to the whole month away I had a rather selfish quandary: what would I write about daily, on this platform, for a solid month without Hank’s input?

Could I come up with a month of conversations with Molly, our fickle and fantastic two year old… maybe. Could I patch something together from phone calls… possibly. Could I ask our friends to take the time to write down their Conversations with Hank… argh, nope. Could I repost from our archive for a month a mix of favorite flashbacks… sure, but that kind of curation would be a ton of work and frequent readers tend to do that anyway by scrolling through our Favorites archive.

In the end, after consulting a wise friend and fellow creative she posed another idea altogether:  Why was I not willing to give myself permission to take a break too?

And there it was… The question I wasn’t willing to ask, but needed very much to answer.

Am I willing to give myself permission to also take a break?

Even when I was at my most ill, bedridden and in incredible pain, I still posted this blog consistently and used that daily achievement to fuel the rest of my motivation and self-care.  As long as the blog was posted I gave myself permission to rest, push myself to get to physical therapy, pick Hank up from school, to do the laundry or get on the floor and play with Molly, All because I got the blog posted.

And I was so consistent that supportive readers would reach out on the scarce few days I had to miss a post due to rescheduled doctors appointments or an ER visits to ask after us, to make sure we were all okay. (Y’all know who you are and thank you again for your unwavering support.)

In all honesty blogging, like all creative endeavors, isn’t easy, it is mostly thankless, it is an expensive “hobby” and we all need to face the fact that Hank will be ten in September and I give it another year to year and a half max before he asks me to stop blogging our conversations altogether and you, dear readers, as well as I have to be prepared for the day when Hank becomes the sidekick to Molly and this blog shifts the focus away from his growing voice and on to hers.

Giving myself permission to take two months away from the blog rather than our usual August hiatus will give me the time to prepare for that big event.  It will give me some space to look at this content with fresh eyes and a grateful heart.  It will give me time to look forward and explore options to take this blog to a wider audience or to another level.  Who knows?  I have practically a whole sketch book of ideas and projects I would like to pursue.

So that is what I did.  Yesterday, I gave myself permission to take this break.  I filled my sketchbook with wide reaching To-Do lists and grand plans.  Last night I gave Hank a huge hug and peppered him with kisses and gave him permission to enjoy every minute of his July break and at the same time I resolved to do the same until our family reunites in August.

While we’re away I welcome, whole heartedly, your ideas and suggestions for this blog.  Your feedback is important to me.  There are some of you who I know or have reached out in the past, but the majority of Conversations with Hank readers remain strangers.  If you have questions or suggestions, if you have an idea, a contact that can help this blog evolve or just want to say hello, please feel free to take this time and get in touch.  I will read and reply to every message as I can.

I want to thank you all in advance for giving us this space and also welcoming our return in September. Feel free to Subscribe to our blog for posts to automatically arrive daily in your email inbox (enter your email at the end of this post), find us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram and maybe share your favorite Conversation with Hank with a few of your friends on your social media or through email.

If this is your first time visiting, thank you for reading this far and check out our 4+years worth of archives (located on the left hand side of the blog) and we will see you all in September.

Until then, I wish you all the best.  I wish you all a wonderful summer full of friends and family, good food and fine health. Take care até no Setembro e boas ferias (until September and happy holidays)!

~ Joy