His First Rough Morning

Actual reenactment of Hank's struggle this morning. My the time he had breakfast he was perfectly fine.

A reenactment of Hank’s struggle this morning.


Me: (knocking on the bathroom door)

Hank: You can come in, but I am not in a very good mood.

Me: (entering) So I’ve gathered.

Hank: I am so tired and I have a cold and it is so early and I didn’t get enough sleep and I just think I should stay home today. I don’t think I can handle school.

Me: I hear you.

Hank: So I can stay home?

Me: Nope.

Hank: Mom!

Me: You don’t have a fever.

Hank: But my cough?! I will cough all through class and it will be horrible.

Me: I have already thought of that so last night I made you some honey, lemon, ginger tea to take with you to school. The honey will coat your throat and sooth that coughing.

Hank: But I have a headache.

Me: (wincing at the petulance) I would too if I were whining as much as you right now.

Hank: MOM!

Me: I will give you a wee bit of paracetamol to kill your headache.

Hank: AND I walk to school!

Me: Up hill both ways in the snow without shoes, no less!

Hank: You aren’t as funny as you think you are.

Me: I am sure that is true, but mind the sass.

Hank: I can’t help it. -I. Have. A. Cold.-  Colds make me sassy.

Me: You will be surprised how good you will feel after you move your body a little this morning. Best thing you can do for a cold is just the right amount of activity if dressed properly.

Hank: (whimpering because he knows he is out of arguments)

Me: You can’t just give up when things get hard. This is not an easy morning, but you are well enough to go to school and if I am wrong, because I have no problems being wrong, then go and visit your school nurse and she will call me to fetch you.

Hank: I am not happy about this.

Me: That is perfectly fine.

Hank: I am never staying up past 9:30pm again.

Me: Wise choice.

Hank: Mama, I need some space to do my hair and stop being mad about my hard life this morning.

Me: Take all the time you need.