Right Now

Thank you, Mr. Rogers.

Thank you, Mr. Rogers.


Hank: (whispering since Molly and Pai are still sleeping) Mama?

Me: (in the kitchen making coffee) Yah, buddy.

Hank: Mama, the news says there is an active shooter in Las Vegas at a concert.

Me: (heavy heart, deep sigh, crestfallen)

Hank: The news said that people have died.

Me: (realizing I don’t even have my glasses on to see this world properly yet)

Hank: Mama?

Me: Yah, buddy.

Hank: Yesterday in Spain with the elections and right now in America and the hurricanes and not enough people getting help in Puerto Rico and North Korea…

Me: (throwing an arm around his shoulders) I’m listening.

Hank: The world is a sad place right now, like, the whole world.

Me: But the world is full of helpers. Did you find the helpers? The world is less scary when you find the people doing good because there are always people doing good.

Hank: Always?

Me: Always.

Still the best childhood advice ever.