How Molly Turns Off Alarms

Running/Dancing to the Beach

Running/Dancing to the Beach


(I talk a large dose of medication for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis on Wednesday evenings before I go to bed. In order to always remember I have set an alarm on my phone. Last week Molly “helped me” turn off that alarm.)


Phone: (medication alarm ringing)

Me: (in the kitchen)

Molly: I fisk it, mommy! I fisk it! MOMMMMMMY, I fisk it, okay?!

Me (returning to the living room to witness Molly furiously tapping my phone like Desi Arnaz tapped the bongos, silencing my alarm while also managing to activate Siri)

Molly: (noticing me, proud) I fisk it, mommy!!!

Siri: Alright, I will check for a contact. What is your mommy’s name?

Molly: (to Siri without hesitation) POOP-AH-TINO!

Me: What?!

Siri: I’m sorry, I have no contact for: Poop-ah-tino. Would you like me to try again?

Molly: (absolutely hysterical, this is the funniest thing that has ever happened to her) POOOOOP-AH-TINO, Mommmy!

Siri: I have no contact for: Poop-ah-tino Mommy.


Me: (giggling, turning off Siri)

Molly: I fisk it.

Me: You did, chicken. You fixed it all by yourself.

Molly: Yah… POOP-AH-TINO!!!

Me: (riots of laughter, scooping her up in my arms) SO who is this poop-ah-tino? Am I poop-ah-tino?

Molly: No, I Poop-ah-tino!

Me: You’re Poop-ah-tino?

Molly: (wiggling free, toddling off with the swagger a mini superhero) Poop! AH! TINO!


Flashback reenactment of Molly turning off my phone alarm as played by Desi Arnez