Easy Light Pancakes (And Happy Brithday to Molly)

Molly Misking Pancakes

Ms. Molly MaGoo Misking 


(Hank at one end of the sofa and Molly at the other having both spent the past 3 days completely flattened by flu)

Hank: Mom?

Me: Yah, buddy.

Hank: Can we have waffles?

Molly: (bouncing strait up from full flat in one shot) Waffles!

Me: You feeling up to waffles, sailor?


Hank: It is the only thing I can think of eating that doesn’t make me want to vomit.

Me: Then waffles you shall have.

Molly: I misk it! I misk it, okay?

Me: Sure, MaGoo. You be the chef and I’ll be your sous chef.

Hank: (getting up and following us into the kitchen) What is a sous chef?

Me: Someone that knows just enough to be a head chef, but wants to work under a more experienced, established chef for the street-cred.

Hank: Oh.

Me: We need the recipe.

Molly: I misk it!

Me: We have established you are the misker, MaGoo. (retrieving the family recipe book from the bookshelf)

Hank: Why do we use a pancake recipe to make waffles?

Me: Because it is the iron that cooks the batter that changes the definition, not the recipe.

Hank: Ohhhhhh, i get it now! Pan-Cake, because you make it in a pan.

Me: No one ever called you dumb, not one day.

Hank: Where did we get this recipe, Grammy Kate (my mom)?

Me: Nope. We used Bisquick in my house growing up. When we were moving to Portugal I knew there wouldn’t be Bisquick sold in stores, pancakes weren’t a thing here yet and box cake and pancake mixes still aren’t a thing (gathering measuring cups, flour, milk, vanilla, oil and an egg), so I asked around and my co-worker, Lisa, brought in a photocopy of her grandmother’s pancake recipe for me to immigrate with and we’ve been using it ever since.

Molly: (hefting noisily, pushing the kitchen step-stool over to the counter all by herself)

Hank: So this is an Indiana pancake recipe?

Me: It is.

Hank: Can I do the measuring?

Me: Sure.

Molly: (climbing up the step stool) And I misk it, okay mano (brother).

Hank: Okay mana (sister).

Me: (standing back)

Hank: Now, first is the flour. Do you know which is the flour?

Molly: (pointing to the flour bag) Here!

Hank: Correct and do you know how to say flour in Portuguese?

Molly: Flor (flower)!

Me: HA!

Molly: (hysterically laughing because I am laughing)

Hank: (giggling) This flour is called farinha, but you are also right because you are so smart and tomorrow you will be three!

Molly: (singing) Happy Birthday to Meeeeee! (practicing blowing out her birthday candles)

Me: (beaming at these two completely unique, utterly wonderful and silly chickens that I get to share my life with)


Photo by: Hank

Photo by: Hank

In honor of  Mz. Molly Magoo’s 3rd birthday I present our tried-and-true Easy Light Pancake (or Waffles) recipe for you all to make in celebration! Enjoy!

(serves 2.5 hungry people – double the recipe for 4 and tripple for 6)

One cup flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1.2 teaspoon of baking powder
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix all of the above but do not over mix! Lumps and bumps are just fine.