A Good Metaphor

Day 14: Artes, Art

Photo credit: Hank


(knock at my bedroom door)

Me: Come in.

Hank: (realizing my light is off) Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were sleeping.

Me: I’m not, just resting. Come in and climb up on this big bed with me.

Hank: (running leap, belly flops on the bed)

Me: You excel at flopping.

Hank: I love a comfy bed. (burrowing under my duvet) That was great. I feel better now.

Me: What was great?

Hank: Reading.

Me: Oh, I am so glad you enjoyed it. You certainly struggled to get there. I heard lots of tears and whimpers from your room.

Hank: That was because everything went wrong and I just had to let it all out, you know?

Me: I do.

Hank: My backpack fell over and all my school books fell out and then my body hurt so much from gym and then I bumped into my bookshelf and my other books fell down and I just had to be sad about it all and to be honest I was mad that you were making me read for 30 minutes when I didn’t have any homework.

Me: I thought as much. I didn’t mind you being mad at me. You will get mad at me from time to time and I respected that you handled it all on your own.

Hank: Yah.

Me: So it was a struggle to get there, but once you read…

Hank: I felt good… Better, I felt better. Reading still isn’t my favorite thing, but 30 minutes was no big deal.

Me: So the getting there was difficult, but in the end it was worth it.

Hank: Yes, exactly.

Me: That is the perfect metaphor for life, my friend. It’s the journey that is the most challenging, but if you just keep going, in the end it’s all worth it.

Hank: (sigh)

Me: And now you have the whole evening to yourself. What are you going to do first?

Hank: I’m going to go snuggle my sister, ask my papa if he needs help with dinner, but first I am going to ask if I can get you anything?

Me: I am fine, thank you.

Hank: Once I check in with my family then I will probably watch a little YouTube. There are some tech reviews I am behind on and Super Woman probably has a new upload.

Me: Off you go then.

Hank: What are you going to do? Sleep?

Me: No, I have far too much adventure awaiting me in my imagination to sleep. I am going to escape, but I am here if you need me.

Hank: (bouncing off the bed and out the door) No, you go off in your imagination. You’ve had a long day and deserve it.