Subtle, Hank, real subtle.

Subtle, Hank, real subtle.


Me: Wow, our bathroom smells fantastic.

Hank: (looking up from the book he is reading) Before you say anything else, yes, I tried your perfume, but I don’t think it is a scent just for girls. I mean… it can be for boys, too.

Me: What defines a girl scent and a boy scent?

Hank: Exactly!

Me: How is scent exclusively masculine or feminine?

Hank: How can a smell be for just one kind of person?

Me: Here, here!

Hank: Anyway, I love it. I am trying it out today. I did exactly like you do. I sprayed one spray in the air then I walked through the mist.

Me: Like a pro.

Hank: Mom, if I like how this smell works today I may want a cologne for me. I know it is an investment, but I think I know my smell.

Me: Do share.

Hank: Fahrenheit.

Me: You have great taste.

Hank: Papa has an empty bottle of it.  I found it under the bathroom sink.

Me: You mean I have an empty bottle of it.

Hank: Huh?

Me: That was your papa’s cologne when I met him.  He hasn’t worn Fahrenheit in years. I kept it because I am sentimental.

Hank: Well, I love it.

Me: Me, too.

Hank: Maybe papa and I could share a bottle for Christmas. I saw it at Sephora and I know it is expensive, but if it were for both of us…

Me: No one ever called you dumb.

Hank: (attention back to his book) Not one day.