Molly’s Christmas Wish

Molly's Letter for Pai Natal (Santa): For Christmas I would like candies and Chocolate and Halloween and Happiness.

Molly’s Letter for Pai Natal (Santa): For Christmas I would like candies and Chocolate and Halloween and Happiness.


Molly: (chirping in her bed, awake but not ready to get up)

Me: MaGoo?

Molly: Mama?

Me: Is it you?

Molly: It me, mama. It me!

Me: (turning on the light, walking over to turn off the space heater) Good morning, lovie.

Molly: (throwing an arm over her face to shield her eyes from the sudden light) Good morning.

Me: Well, you’ve done it again. You’re backwards and have no blankets!

Molly: It me!

Me: How do you do this?

Molly: I dreaming. I swimming.

Me: Oh, well, okay. That is a logical explanation, thank you.

Molly: (singing) You’re welcome!

Me: And how was your swimming dream? (walking over to open the curtains and the shades)

Molly: I swim with Chuva (which means rain and is the name of Molly’s favorite stuffed duck toy).

Me: I bet Chuva is a wonderful swimming partner, but tell me, do you get cold in the night?

Molly: (nodding)

Me: Well, my darling girl, when you and Chuva get cold in your swimming dreams you need to say to yourself, “Wake up! Wake up!” and when you wake up you need to reach out and find covers and blankets and pull them on top of you, because no matter how hard I tuck you in at night you always break free by the morning.

Molly: Okay.

Me: Can you show me how strong you are? Can you pull a blanket on top of you?

Molly: (with much grunting and effort pulls her comforter from the floor on top of herself) I did it!

Me: Well done! Bravo!

Molly: I strong, mama.

Me: You are. Now, MaGoo we have a job to do for Tia Adriana (Molly’s Nanny).

Molly: Okay.

Me: Do you know who Pai Natal is?

Molly: Santa.

Me: Very good and who is Santa?

Molly: He Christmas.

Me: Yes, he is magical and inspired the spirit of giving and some Christmas traditions and you know Pai Natal (Santa) doesn’t come to our house. Mama and mano (brother) told you all about that.

Molly: Yes.

Me: Because your mama, papa and mano (brother) want to make your Christmas magic, but this gives Pai Natal (Santa) more time at the homes of other Children who really need him.

Molly: Okay, yes.

Me: But Pai Natal (Santa) loves letters in his mailbox. He lives very far away where it is cold and there is lots of snow.

Molly: Cartões no correio (cards in the mail)!

Me: Exactly! And your Tia Adriana wants to send Pai Natal (Santa) some mail from you so he can hear what kind of magic you want papa, mano (brother) and I to make for you since he won’t be coming to our house.

Molly: Okay.

Me: So Amália Sofia, what would you like for Christmas?

Molly: Um… Ah… Ah… Candies and Chocolate and Halloween and Happy! (nodding)

Me: (beaming) What a magical Christmas wish!

Molly: (snuggling into her blankets, pulling them over her head, muffled) I wish. I Christmas wish!