A Pre-Dawn To-Do List

A pre-work, personal life to-do list. Now I have to-do list before my to-do lists. #showingmyage

A pre-work, personal life to-do list. Now I have to-do lists before my to-do lists. #showingmyage


Me: (sitting down at the kitchen table with a coffee, a pencil and a piece of paper)

Hank: Good morning, mom.

Me: Good morning, buddy. How did you sleep?

Hank: So much better. I slept so well.

Me: Me, too. Once my head hit the pillow I was out of commission.

Hank: What are you doing?

Me: Starting my day with a good ol’ to-do list rather than the news or social media. I have been feeling overly anxious lately so I am going to ease myself into the greater world this morning first tackling these tasks before plugging into the Internet.

Hank: Yes, but you work on the Internet.

Me: The one advantage of being your own boss is…

Hank: Spending your day in your pajamas?

Me: (giggling) The other advantage of being your own boss is setting your own schedule. Today, I will complete this list, feel accomplished and then with that sense of accomplishment I will face the world and maybe by doing so I will feel stronger and less affected by the news and all the other noise of the planet that makes me feel small and powerless.

Hank: No one ever called you dumb.

Me: Oh, but they did.

Hank: They did?

Me: Yes, there was a time I was highly underestimated, but the key is I’m not underestimated anymore.

Hank: Oh, okay. Good job, mom.

Me: Thanks, Hank.