Dramatic Entrance

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Reenactment of Molly’s dramatic entrance as played by a 17th century courtier of Versailles.


Me: (in bed due to pain and fatigue on a level of having spent the day breaking up boulders to the size of softballs, by hand with a sledgehammer and then bending to lift and transport those softball sized rocks to another location one at a time)

Molly: (throwing open my bedroom door dramatically) I here! I here, mommy!

Me: Well, hello little one! Did you have a nice nap?

Molly: It morning time. Good morning.

Me: It is afternoon time. Good afternoon.

Molly: (mountain-goating onto my big bed)

Me: Little Ms. Molly MaGoo, I have a question.

Molly: What your question?

Me: Today, are you a fish or are you a chicken?

Molly: I not a fish. I a mermaid.

Me: Oh yes, now I see it.

Molly: You see my tail? (kicking her feet) It porple.

Me: I do see your tail. Look how strong you are.

Molly: I strong. I chicken, too. I chicken with mano (brother) and I mermaid and I Amália.

Me: I am so happy to hear it.

Molly: You play with me?

Me: Of course!

Molly: I go get my cars and books and (pinching her fingers together and making her voice squeeky) teeny tiny small things and come back and we play. Okay? (batting her eyelashes and grand gesture nodding)

Me: I can’t wait.

Molly: YAAAAAAAAAAAY! (using the covers to repel back off the bed,running out of the room, curls bouncing) One second, mama. I be back! Onnnnnnnnne second.

(and we played and read and laughed from my big bed for the rest of the afternoon which was the best of all possible medicines)