For the Love of Trains

conversations with hank


Me: (overhearing from inside the apartment)

Molly: (exiting the elevator, outside the apartment in the hallway) MAMA!

Pai: (also in the hallway) Amália Sofia, it is rude to yell in the hallway.

Molly: Papa, my trains!

Pai: I can only carry so many things, filha (daughter). Tem calma (calm down).

Me: (opening the front door) What’s all this?

Pai: (walking past me into the house) Hello, I love you.

Molly: MOMMMMMY! My Trains!

Pai: She insisted we bring the trains home from her ama’s (nanny’s) house.

Me: I am surprised Adriana (Molly’s nanny) agreed to let them leave! The girls are having such a ball learning about and playing with those trains!

Pai: I had to promise I’d bring them back tomorrow.

Me: (giggling) Of course.

Molly: (dragging an extra large shopping bag stuffed to the brim with a wooden train set out of the elevator, struggling) My… Trains! Mommy… argh… Help! Help!

Me: (stepping out of the doorway to help her)

Pai: OH no you don’t, Hanford. That bag is heavy. Save your arm strength for hugs and cuddles. (winking at me, while moving ahead to fetch the heavy shopping bag)

Hank: (entering the doorway) What is going on?


Hank: Hi, mana (sister)! How was your day?

Molly: TRAINS! Mano, trains!

Hank: Trains?

Me: Your sister has been learning about trains this week at her ama’s (nanny’s). They have been going to the train station, reading books about trains, coloring train pictures so I thought it would be a good idea to send your train collection for the girls to play with…

Pai: (interrupting) And your sister is now obsessed with your trains.

Hank: (hand on his heart, emotional) Really?

Molly: (toddling up the stairs to our front door) Play trains, mano (brother)? Play trains with me?

Hank: I would love to play trains with you, mana (sister)! (taking her hand and leading her inside) Did you know they were once my trains, but now they are for you! (helping her take off her coat)

Molly: Now they for me? Oh, thank you, mano! I love you. I love TRAINS!

Hank: Me, too.

Molly: Lets’s play! Play with me? Come on!

Hank: (diving right into the train bag) Sure! First we build the track!

Molly: YAY!

Me: (witnessing the scene from the door frame, beaming)