Photo credit: Rosino

A traditional Carnival outfit in the Bragança region of Portugal.  Photo credit: Rosino  (<– an amazing photo portfolio of Portugal and beyond! Click on this link, y’all!)



Hank: I love ferias (vacation)!

Molly: Ferias (vacation)?

Me: We have five days of ferias (vacation) to celebrate Carnaval!

Molly: Ferias (vacation)?

Me: Ferias (vacation) is when people who work or go to school have time off to rest and relax.

Hank: So this week I don’t go to school until um… Quinta-Feira (Thursday).

Me: Thursday.

Hank: Argh, the days of the week are always hard for me.

Me: I get it.

Hank: But it doesn’t matter, really.  Ferias means not knowing what day it is.

Me: Truth.

(We’re having a good old family Staycation for the next three days full of photo walks, good food and friends. See y’all on Quinta-Feira (Thursday) for all new conversations!)