How was your day?

conversations with hank


Pai: (walking out of the living room, frazzled) Molly’s up. I am running late. Can you somehow manage to get her dressed, fed and her lunch packed in about 20 minutes?

Me: (calm, cool and collected) No problem.

Pai: (dashing off to get ready) Thanks, sorry, you’re the best.

Me: (entering the living room)

Molly: (rolled into a blanket on the sofa with a major case of bedhead)

Me: Good morning, MaGoo.

Molly: Good morning. I hungry.

Me: I’ll go fetch you a yogurt and be right back.

Molly: WAIT!

Me: Yes?

Molly: Wait, mama. How your day, mama? How your day?

Me: I am having a lovely morning, thank you. How is your day so far, Amália?

Molly: (gigantic yawn) I wake up. I no faz chi-chi (pee) in my fralda (diaper). I hungry. I go to Tia’s house (Nanny’s). (nodding)

Me: That sounds like an excellent day, lovie.

Molly: Yah, egg-sealent.

Me: Shall I get your breakfast now?

Molly: No.

Me: But papa is in a rush this morning. He has class. We’ve gotta hustle.

Molly: Me, too? Me too, have class with papa? I go to school?

Me: You will go to school in September.

Molly: September tomorrow?

Me: Not quite.

Molly: (fat tears tumble down her face) NO! School tomorrow! School tomorrow, okay mama?

Me: (walking over to the sofa) I am sorry school isn’t tomorrow, MaGoo.

Molly: (crying into my fleece bathrobe)

Me: BUT at Tia’s house you can play school! You can pretend school with Ariana!

Molly: Yah?

Me: Yah. One of you can be the teacher and the other the student and then you switch.

Molly: I the teacher, mama. Me! I teacher.

Me: Alright, you can be the teacher.

Molly: I teacher skeletons.

Me: You’re going to teach Ariana about skeletons?

Molly: Yah. I hungry.

Me: Would you like to come to the kitchen with me and teach me how to open your yogurt?

Molly: (delighted) YAH! I misk it! I misk it, mama.

Me: Perfect.

Molly: (toddling off, curls bouncing) Come on, mama! Papa rush. Come on! We hustle!