Happy Birthday to ME!



Me: (walking to the kitchen to get coffee, eyes not yet open)

Hank: Happy Birthday, mom!

Me: Thank you, buddy.

Hank: Good morning! I am so glad it’s your birthday.

Me: Me, too.

Hank: Are you being sarcastic.

Me: Not at all! I love my birthday; one more trip around the sun.

Hank: You’re 38!

Me: Indeed, isn’t it wonderful!

Hank: I love that you love your birthday so much. Some moms don’t like getting older.

Me: Yes, but I am not some moms. (inhaling my coffee) I am grateful to age. Unfortunately, I have many friends that will never have the opportunity to be 38. I am so very lucky to live this life every single day and my birthday is the day I get to love my life out loud and celebrate how awesome it is to be me!

Hank: I didn’t know you thought about birthdays that way.

Me: Every day I get to wake up and hang out with you, enjoy this beautiful place where we are fortunate to live, laugh with your sister and be adored by your papa. I have amazing friends and family, my life is rich with creative pursuits and food and and the internet is full of puppy videos and no matter how hard I try I will never be able to read all the books I want to read and see all the places I want to see or all the films or plays, but every year I get a chance to try.




Me: You’re thinking rather loudly.

Hank: It’s just… I mean, your life is also hard, too.

Me: Everyone’s life is hard. Every person has their own struggles and we can’t compare our life to anyone else’s. You only get this one wild and magical life to be you. My life isn’t easy, but it’s worth it and I love it.

Hank: I love you, mom.

Me: I love you, buddy.

Hank: I am so happy it’s your birthday!

Me: It’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!