Photo by: Molly

Photo by: Molly


(10am on a Saturday morning)

Me: (my day having started 4 hours before) MaGoo?

Molly: (in her room with the blankets pulled over her head)

Me: Ms. Molly MaGoo, do you plan on spending the whole day in bed?

Molly: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Me: (sitting on the floor next to her bed saying nothing)

Molly: Mama, go away. I sweeping.

Me: You’re sweeping?

Molly: Yes, I sweeping.

Me: You’re sweeping the floor? Must be sweeping in your dreams because you’re not sweeping this floor and your papa, mano (brother) and I would love help with the housework.

Molly: (dramatically tosses the covers off, full sass and disappointment)

Me: (still in love with my pun) Are you sweeping or are you sleeping?

Molly: (scrunches her face up like something smells bad) Mama, no. (tosses covers back over her head)

Pai: (from the hallway) You’re definitely Grandpa Snitche’s daughter. That was a Bern joke. That was painful.

Me: What?!

Hank: (from the hallway) I agree, mom. Too early, even for me!

Molly: Mama, I love you, go away. (sticking her hand out the blankets, waving) Bye-bye.

Pai: Now, that was funny. That is comedy.

Me: (joining them in the hallway) The student has surpassed the master!

Hank: But is she really your student? I mean, Amália is a different kind of funny. Different than you, I mean, you’re funny, but she’s like way funny, you know?


Molly: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I sweeping in here!

(all three of us riot with laughter)

Molly: Awe, come on guys!