Pinterest is a website where you can save any information attached to a web address to specific Pin Boards displaying their image and a short description; much like a digital bulletin board that allows you to organize the beautiful chaos of the internet.


Hank: What are you looking at, mom?

Me: Pinterest.

Hank: Really? (scoffs)

Me: What?

Hank: No offense, mom, but you’re like so not a Pinterest-Mom.

Me: There is a such thing as a Pinterest-Mom?

Hank: Oh yah.

Me: But I enjoy Pinterest so why exactly do I not fall into this category of mom?

Hank: Because, like, a Pinterest-Mom is the kind of person who makes everything from scratch and then like organizes everything in cute bins with labels and enjoys cleaning.




Hank: And also you can’t be a Pinterest-Mom because of like your arthritis because hot glue guns and crafts and stuff.




Hank: But of course you know how to make things from scratch and you’re a great cook and at Christmas you make all of the decorations, like with a glue gun and by hand, but it’s like not your purpose in life, you know?

Me: Ohhhhhhhh!

Hank: Yah. I mean you could be a Pinterest-Mom, but you have books to write and things to do that make you happier.

Me: Meaning I can compete with the Pinterest-Moms, but their level of devotion does not bring me joy.

Hank: Yes, but compete only with a glue gun and artsyness and stuff. Cleaning and organizing and home decor…

Me: Are more your thing.

Hank: Exactly!

Me: So what you’re trying to say is that if we combine our efforts we’d make one Pinterest-Mom.

Hank: Yes.

Me: But who has time for that, anyway?

Hank: Right, not us! What are you on Pinterest for anyway?

Me: To research meal planning and prepping. Apparently, it is a thing your papa wants to do.

Hank: Oh my god, mom, papa is so a Pinterest-Dad.

Me: Truth.

Hank: Don’t ever show him Pinterest or every weekend…

Me: We’d be home-improving and hot gluing!

Hank: Yah, no way. I value my pajamas too much!

Me: Hot glue ruins pajamas.

Hank: YAS!