Revision: British for Studying

A short reminder text Hank sent from school. This boy.

A short reminder text Hank sent from school.



Me: (internally panicked that I have forgotten something) Tomorrow? What’s so exciting about tomorrow?

Hank: (slack jawed eye-roll) Duh, mom, my Amazon-Spain order arrives.

Me: (relieved) OH, also be kind.

Hank: Sorry, my excitement made me sassy.

Me: I have a deep, abiding love for all things stationary and school supplies, but I feel you have surpassed even me when it comes to such things.

Hank: I know I am weird, but I am so excited about my new Japanese pencil case, pens and especially the mild-lighters.

Me: Which are like high-lighters…

Hank: But mild.

Me: Meaning not day-glow and blinding.

Hank: Exactly.

Me: Those do sound exciting, but what I find even more thrilling is your attention to studying and raising your grades at school.

Hank: I love revision!

Me: I love that you say revision instead of studying like a proper British pre-school kid.

Hank: That is how my English teacher says it.

Me: Well, she is training y’all for the Cambridge Exam so bravo, pip-pip and tallyho!

Hank: I really love doing well in school and feeling prepared in class and I don’t even miss all the video games I used to play all day long! Now, it is like they are more special because I only really play them on weekends, accept for Animal Crossing.

Me: You waited three years for Animal Crossing-New Leaf I would hope it still holds your attention.

Hank: It is the cutest and my favorite game and perfect for 15 minute study breaks.

Me: Buddy, I will invest in your passions as long as you show me a return on my investments. In the immortal words of your father, “Talent needs supplies.”

Hank: Good revision is a talent! It isn’t easy until it becomes easy.

Me: Until it becomes routine.

Hank: Yes! And now I can’t imagine not revising every day. It’s like you said, “5-9th grade are the foundation.”

Me: And you can’t build a house on a shaky foundation and expect it to last.

Hank: (sigh) When I come home tomorrow it is going to be the best day ever. I even know exactly the spread I am going to make in my bullet journal first!

Me: You do you, pal, you do you and be happy.

Hank: (practically skipping out of the room) I AM SO HAPPY!