Two Doenças (Diseases) and a Little Bit of Sheakespeare (A Conversation with Molly)

conversations with hank and molly

Me: Good morning, MaGoo.

Molly: Groan.

Me: It’s morning time.

Molly: No it’s not! It’s not morning. It nighttime. It nighttime, mommy!

Me: (walking to the window and raising the shades) I love how Shakespearean you’re being, but I assure you…

Molly: (shrieks, scuttling from the sunshine)

Me: (tapping the deep recesses of my memory for my favorite line) “No nightingale. Look, love, what envious streaks do lace the severing clouds in yonder east.”

Molly: (tossing off the blanket) What?

Me: Someday may you read and love the classics, my dear, just like your mama.

Molly: Colinho (hold me).

Me: I will do my best. (picking her up out of bed with difficulty since my rotary cuffs are shot)

Molly: Oh, I need my kitty!

Me: Of course, we can’t leave without your kitty. (bending slightly to fetch her lovie cat searing pain shoots up my spine and into the base of my skull and out my eye sockets)

Molly: Ah! Soft Cão (dog)! I need my Soft Cão (dog), too!

Me: How silly of us to forget, Soft Cão! (bending slightly to fetch her lovie dog searing pain shoots up my spine and into the base of my skull and out my eye sockets, turn to leave the room)

Molly: (straining for the top of her dresser piled with random bits and bobs) I need my *unintelligible word*.

Me: (stop, losing strength in my arms) Your what?

Molly: My *unintelligible word*!

Me: (further losing strength in my arms) I don’t understand, what do you want? Point.

Molly: (grand gestures) *unintelligible word*!

Me: (suddenly lose all strength in my arms, put Molly on the floor before I drop her, searing pain shoots up my spine and into the base of my skull and out my eye sockets as I bend to put her down)

Molly: (frustrated, three years old, doesn’t understand) Mãe, colinho! COLINHO! (Mom, hold me! Hold me!)

Me: (sit in the middle of the floor, wincing as my knees and hips pop and my spine pinches and burns and open my arms) Of course I will hold you! Come here.

Molly: (climbs into my lap, cute little lap is the literal translation of colinho, by the way)

Me: I am afraid I can’t carry you anymore today, MaGoo.

Molly: Why?

Me: Because mommy’s arms don’t work.

Molly: Don’t work? Why?


Me: (holding up two fingers) Because I have two doenças (diseases).

Molly: (attempting to hold up two fingers, but they get tangled in the mess of her other fingers) Two?

Me: Yes, but papa can carry you and mano (brother) can carry you and all our friends and family can carry you! But, you and I, we have something very special.

Molly: What’s that?

Me: Because you are so very strong and brave and independent we can hold hands and you can walk all by yourself and we can sit, where ever we may be, and you can always, and I mean always, climb up and have colinho (be held) with me. No matter where we are and no matter what we are doing I will sit still with you and hold you in my lap.

Molly: That is awe-some, mommy.

Me: Is it?

Molly: Yah! That is awe-some.

Me: I think so too.

Molly: (sighs and melts into me)

Me: (I melt back)