Vacation (return with new Conversations on April 4th)


Y’all… Sorry about the missing conversation yesterday (and today), but I am sick.
I went to my family doctor yesterday and she confirmed I have a head cold and advised me to wash my sinuses out with sea water (saline) and to drink onion skin tea to help with the inflammation in my lungs…  So that is a thing we’ve learned. Just thought i’d pass along that information.  I was hoping for an antibiotic, but you know… Onion skin tea.  (Man, I miss the 90’s).

Anyway… I am going to call a week off because I will be drinking onion skin tea and also my brother is visiting from the states and family time is so important.

There will be new conversations starting on April 4th.  In the mean time feel free to hit the archives and I will report back on the onion skin tea treatment soon! (cough, cough)

Thanks y’all!