Photo by Grace

Photo by Grace


Me: (closing the door behind the last of the Easter houseguests)

Molly: (sobbing on the sofa)

Me: Oh, MaGoo, I am sorry.

Molly: Uncle Deshi (Jesse)!!!

Me: It is so hard to say goodbye.

Molly: Uncle Deshi (Jesse)!!!!!!

Me: I know.

Molly: (fat tears streaming down her face)

Me: You miss him already!

Molly: I miss him!

Me: And missing people is hard.

Molly: (sobbing and nodding)

Me: But missing people is important. (rubbing her back) You only miss the people you love the most and the missing shows you just how absolutely very much you love them.

Molly: I love him.

Me: I know, and Uncle Jesse knows, too.  Just now, when you hugged goodbye a heart-string tied your heart to his.

Molly: (looking down at her chest for a string)

Me: You can’t see a heart-string because they’re magic, but you can feel them.  When you feel a pain in your heart it is because someone is missing you and when you miss someone they feel it too.  Only the most important and special people hold one of your heart-stings.

Molly: I no want heart-string! I want Uncle Deshi (Jesse).

Me: I know.

Molly: And I want Grace and Suki (other family friends who left the day before).  (pulling at her sweater) TOO MANY STRINGS, MAMA!!! TOO MANY STRINGS!

Me: (pulling her into a big hug) Oh, MaGoo! I know. I am listening. The missing gets easier. I promise. (feeling a ton of pulls on my many, many heart-strings)

Molly: (sobbing)