Exploring the Roman Ruins at Conímbriga

Exploring the Roman Ruins at Conímbriga 


Hank: Mom?

Me: Hum?

Hank: How do you deal with pain?

Me: Unconventionally.

Hank: What does that mean?

Me: Not like most people who live with chronic pain.

Hank: So what do you do?

Me: Normally, I just live my life regardless of my pain because I have been living with it for 30 years, but when I have a headache or I am in high pain I take a paracetamol, but when I do I get stomach cramps, so I have to be in enough pain to warrant dealing with that. Mostly, I lay down and focus my attention on something else, like a book or a documentary and I rest.  For me rest and focus are what I do to deal with pain.

Hank: Okay.

Me: Why do you ask?

Hank: Because right here, this place above my knee hurts on my leg so bad and I thought since you were always in pain I would ask you how to deal with it.

Me: Oh, buddy! How I deal with pain is as I said, unconventional, I can help you with that leg pain. (sitting down next to him and rubbing his back)

Hank: I don’t know how it happened! It has just hurt all day!

Me: Do you think that insisting on sleeping in Molly’s toddler bed last night might have something to do with it?

Hank: Oh yah… maybe.

Me: (giggling) That is an upset muscle, I bet, from being all crammed and curled into a small space.

Hank: You did warn me.  You said I was too big and that I’d wake up with… what did you call it.

Me: A crick in your neck!

Hank: I didn’t know what that was, but I do now, but it’s not in my neck! Good thing we’re giving Molly’s bed to baby Manny today.  I don’t want to forget this and think it is a good idea to sleep there again.

Me: A good thing, indeed.  Now, let’s get you fixed up.

Hank: Thanks, mom. I will try your rest and focus technique, because that sounds nice, too.

Me: (smiling)