Mama Joy

Ready... Steady... Garden Races

Ready… Steady… GO! Garden Races in Coimbra at Casas da Alta Hotel.


Me: (busy in the kitchen)

Hank: (trying to get my attention) Joy Ellen…

Me: Excuse me?

Hank: Joy Ellen?

Me: There are only two people in this whole wide world that get to call me, Joy Ellen; one is your papa and the other is my mom, but only when I deserve a scolding and as I am now an adult I am rarely scolded by my mother anymore.  You may call me any of the following heavyweight-titles I currently defend: mom, mama, mommy, mãe, Mãezinha, Ms. Hanford, resident artist, chief popcorn popper and pancake maker, authoress and of course my college nickname, Mama Joy.

Hank: Your nickname in college was Mama Joy?

Me: College the first time, not the second time when I went back and was pregnant with you or had you on my hip in American Sign Language or Graphic Design traumatizing twenty years olds into using ALL THE BIRTH CONTROL AVAILABLE.

Hank: Why did they call you Mama Joy?

Me: Because I was often the person who my friends went to for help or advice or to treat minor cuts and burns, I am especially good in a crisis and I have always been prone to mother people, but you’re the person who actually made me the mother I was always meant to be.

Hank: If I was in college I think I would want to be your friend.

Me: We would be best friend.

Hank: We already are, Mama Joy.