The Doc Is In

Molly sporting three tutus One is black and was requested because, "More POOF please, mama."

Molly sporting three tutus. 


Me: (clockwatching)

Molly: (concentrating on her coloring)

Me: MaGoo…

Molly: Allll done com (with) colors, mama. Now, I a doctor.

Me: Fantastic.

Molly: And you’re sick, mama?

Me: Unavoidably.

Molly: You come to my clinic?

Me: Yes, for treatment

Molly: Yes. Tree-mint.

Me: Where is your clinic?

Molly: In my room. Come on!

Me: (three minutes to bedtime, groan) Oh doctor! I need your help!

Molly: (bouncing off to her room in the three tutus she insisted were necessary this morning)

Me: (slothing my way behind her picking up books and things along the way, knock on the door)

Molly: (opens the door wearing a stethoscope) The Doc is in!

Me: Doctor, I am sick.

Molly: Come into my clinic.

Me: (groan)

Molly: What the problem, mommy?

Me: I ate a live octopus and he is wiggling in my stomach.

Molly: Oh, that is a problem.  Lay down on your face.

Me: So the octopus doesn’t escape?

Molly: I need to check your back.

Me: Oh.

Molly: (stethoscopes from my skull to my feet) The Octopus is dead.

Me: He is?

Molly: He is now food. Do you feel better?

Me: I do.

Molly: MY TURN!

Me: (formulating a plan, take the stethoscope) My name is, Doctor Hanford, what seems to be the trouble?

Molly: I ate a dinosaur!

Me: You did? In one sitting?

Molly: (pinching her fingers for scale) It a little dinosaur and now he wants to get out!!!

Me: You didn’t cook him?

Molly: NO! He so cute, so cute I just… Gobble Him UP!

Me: (riots of laughter) Well, there is your problem. (applying the stethoscope to her stomach) Hum… ah-huh… hum.  Did your dinosaur have spikes?

Molly: No, it a pterodactyl.

Me: A flyer! Well, then you must be admitted to the hospital overnight.

Molly: Overnight?

Me: Like a hospital sleepover.

Molly: Hurray!

Me: We will have to get you into pajamas, right now, then brush our teeth, then read a book to the pterodactyl in your belly and one to you and then you will have to go directly to sleep. That is my prescription.

Molly: Okay! (bounds off toward her pajama drawer)


(And that is how bedtime last night went off without a hitch. Molly is eagerly awaiting her pterodactyl poop, but that is a whole other conversation!)