Buçaco Forest, Portugal. Photo by: Hank

Buçaco Forest, Portugal. Photo by: Hank


Me: (on the sofa reading) Good morning, pal.

Hank: (Harrumph)

Me: How did you sleep?

Hank: You know how I slept.

Me: I meant after you crawled in bed with us?

Hank: Fine. I slept fine in your bed… where’s papa?

Me: He gave up and went and slept in your bed.

Hank: Oh.

Me: Speaking of papa… I have something important I want to say.


Me: I don’t want to evict papa from his bed one more night.  If you are struggling with sleep, you may come and get me, and I will come to your room.  Our bed may appear big, but it is the perfect size for just he and I.

Hank: I’m sorry.

Me: I am sorry you’re having troubles sleeping in your new room.  You weren’t that way in the beginning; you were loving your new room.

Hank: It’s different now. I regret my decision to leave my sister’s room.  I miss her. I feel alone in my new room and then I get nervous.

Me: I am listening.

Hank: I don’t know… there are new sounds.  I can hear people on the street sometimes and it makes me feel like they are right there with me. I can hear the elevator and when it arrives on all the floors and clicking and ticking, the wind makes the windows rattle…

Me: All very new sounds.

Hank: And they all make me nervous and then I can’t sleep.

Me: I understand.

Hank: I wish I could just go back to my sister’s room.

Me: You can.

Hank: What?

Me: You can change your mind.

Hank: But…

Me: Did you know that uncle Andy moved to a whole new state, got a whole new job and lived in a whole new house and regretted the decision immediately.

Hank: When was this?

Me: A few years ago.

Hank: That is horrible.

Me: No, it wasn’t horrible, it was a problem with a solution.  He thought about it and then changed his mind and moved again.

Hank: And now he is happy and has a family.

Me: Exactly.

Hank: But Molly is sleeping in my bed and (beginning to panic)…

Me: I know that we gave Molly’s bed away, but we would have done that anyway around this time and there are always solutions.

Hank: Bunk beds?

Me: A sound investment, but all of the solutions involve money I didn’t think we’d be spending so we will need some time to budget and transition.

Hank: (relieved) That’s okay.

Me: Wonderful, let’s take a minute to map out a solution this afternoon, but whatever you do don’t tell you sister.

Hank: No.

Me: If you do then we will hear of nothing else until our idea is achieved or abandoned.

Hank: I feel better already, mom, and who knows maybe I will stop being nervous. Just knowing I can change my mind is making me feel much better. I don’t think I will need to come to your room tonight.

Me: I’m glad. We are highly intelligent people with options.  We can always come up with a solution if we stay calm and don’t panic.  The one thing I know for certain are the best plans are made over coffee and chocolate milk! (getting up to start our day off right)

Hank: Thanks, mom.

Me: Thank you for being honest and telling me what you need.