Just a Wittle Bit

conversations with hank


Pai: Molly and I were just talking in the car about Avó Dalia (grandmother).

Me: Oh, I love her.

Pai: Me, too.

Molly: Me, too too. You know, mama, Avó Dalia (grandmother) scared of snakes and skeletons, but I not scared. I love them.

Me: And fantasmas (ghosts). Avó Dalia (grandmother) is also afraid of fantasmas.

Molly: Avó Dalia (grandmother) is scared of snakes and ghosts and skeletons, butInotscaredofthembutsheis (deep inhale) AND I no.

Me: Buuuuut you’re a little scared of bugs.

Molly: (pinching her fingers together and looking at me through her tiny unit of measure) Just a wittle bit.